Raiffeisen Granitmarathon 2024

Date: 19.05.2024

Infos about the competition: Raiffeisen XTreme


´╗┐With a distance of 90 km,peppered with3,100 meters of altitude
difference, the Raiffeisen Xtreme route is one of the greatest challenges that
mountain bikers can face in Austria. The challenging descent to the Partenstein
power plant, crossing the Gro├če M├╝hl, the downhill to the Danube, the steep
climb to Lembach and the brisk passage through the Kleine M├╝hl. The last
reserves will be mobilized in the quarry 2 km before the finish. The weather
conditions can be aggravating. So pouring rain with hail, lightning and
thunder, sweltering heat up to 47 degrees in the quarry have often been border
areas for the bikers in the history of the Raiffeisen Granitmarathon. A top
condition through months of training is a basic requirement in order to be able
to enjoy the route at least a little! The men's elite class is holding this
year's state championship over this distance.


At 60 kilometers, there is a waiting period of 4 hours (1 p.m.). This corresponds to an average of 15km/h.

Possibility of team scoring: the largest team wins.



Name of the Competition Raiffeisen XTreme
Date 19.05.2024
Starttime 09:00
Sporttype MTB
Competition length 90 km
Metres in height 3100 m

Entry fee

Price in ÔéČ Classes
from 20.11.2023 till 29.04.2024 65,00 all
from 30.04.2024 till 15.05.2024 75,00 all
from 16.05.2024 till 19.05.2024 80,00 all


Designation Year of birth
H1 1995 - 2005
D1 1985 - 2005
H2 1985 - 1994
H3 1975 - 1984
D2 1901 - 1984
H4 1901 - 1974
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