25. Wachau Radmarathon

Date: 14.07.2024

On 13 and 14 July 2024, the 25th Wachau Radmarathon with 2,000 participants will take place in Mautern an der Donau. Once again this year, three challenging and diverse trails (53 km, 102 km, 176 km) through the World Cultural Heritage Site Wachau and the Waldviertel offer every participant - from the trained hobby cyclist to the marathon beginner - exactly the right thing. A special highlight is the unforgettable mass launch experience and the first common kilometres in one of Austrias largest peloton. 

Please provid your UCI if you would like to take part in the ├ľM Amateurs or Masters. (Krone Champions Radmarathon 193 km

Raiffeisen Power Radmarathon 103,5 km)

All information on this website is non-binding and you should always apply to the official announcement on the website of the organizer.