12. Dirndltal Race 2022

Date: 17.09.2022

Infos about the competition: Trophy Race 40 km


The supreme discipline at the Dirndltal Race: The Trophy Race with a 40 km long distance at a height meter of 1700. The amount of the period of restriction from the start/finish is at the km 20,7 km and will take 2,5 hours. Included in the entry fee is 1,00 Euro, this is the young executives-euro from the ÖRV.


Name of the Competition Trophy Race 40 km
Date 17.09.2022
Starttime 12:30
Sporttype MTB
Competition length 40 km
Metres in height 1700 m

Entry fee

Price in €Classes
from 28.11.2021 till 31.07.2022 34,00 all
from 01.08.2022 till 14.09.2022 38,00 all


DesignationYear of birth
AK m1993 - 2003
M301983 - 1992
M401973 - 1982
M501963 - 1972
AK w1902 - 2003
M601902 - 1962
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